Procure with Precision, Ship with Larry Express

Welcome to Larry Express Delivery, your trusted partner in China for seamless sourcing, procurement, shipping, local representation, and payment solutions.

We specialize in helping businesses worldwide navigate the complexities of the Chinese market, providing end-to-end services to streamline your operations.

Why us?
  • We are experts, offering professional services
  • We are reliable and credible. Our track record of delivery builds trust with our clients
  • Our cost-effective and time-effiency will make you achieve cost savings and optimize your logistic processess
  • We offer comprehensive solutions, such as addressing language barriers in China and risk mitigation

Step 1: Contact Us

Contact us via email or WhatsApp and provide the product needed, with all specifications and quantity needed.

Source,negotiate and quotation

We source for the product, negotiate and provide a quotation.

Contract and Payment

Signing of contract and make payment


We ship the product to your destination


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